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AIM Startup

Launched in 2017, AIM Startup, an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy, aims to connect promising startups with investors and business partners from all around the world.

On April 8-10, 2019 AIM Startup will host the Third Edition of its Annual Innovation Showcase and Pitch Competition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in conjunction with the Annual Investment Meeting.

GREX has partnered with Dubai AIM Startup to help Indian start-ups looking to raise capital, expand into new markets and forge meaningful business relationships with major investors, business leaders, representatives of international institutions and government entities.

Past Events


Entrepreneurs build their companies with a lot of passion and determination; sometimes the only thing that they need is some capital to take that flight. Entrepreneurs also need to be smart at raising capital to fuel their growth needs. However, Capital must be efficient: enough, timely and at a reasonable cost. But, where and how to access efficient capital?

For investors, even one right investment can go a long way in deep wealth creation. But, how to find that right company and how to invest? Capital Markets are participative platforms where both can achieve their growth objectives. What are the Capital Markets available for companies and investors to access? And how do they work?